If you’re bored of being normal and are looking for adventure there’s still time to join the 2007 North Pole Inner Earth Expedition in order to find out if there is another civilisation living inside the Earth. If you’re not familiar with Hollow Earth theory, legend has it that there are openings in the crust of the Earth at the north and south poles which lead to another world inside the Earth, populated by... well, let’s just say that theories range from the ridiculous to the absurd. Nevertheless, a supposedly-scientific expedition is being organized by a company called Advanced Planetary Explorations (PhoenixScienceFoundation.org) which will take a documentary film crew in order to search for proof of the theory and, ideally, make contact with whatever beings live inside our planet. Best of all, they are looking for explorers to invest in the project so if you’re ready for your mid-life crisis this is a perfect diversion. While the website promises “No! We are not some fringe group of New-Age cultists hyping a fictional story,” you might still want to be prepared to share your adventure with plenty of “differently-abled” thinkers like Rodney M. Cluff, whose book “World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow!” claims that the hollow Earth is home to the Lost Tribes of Israel who live for hundreds of years and protect their hidden world with flying saucers. Fun! Learn more than you want to know at OurHollowEarth.com.

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