A 76-year-old Malaysian woman who got on the wrong bus 25 years ago and ended up homeless over 2,000 km away has finally been reunited with her family. In 1982 the woman hopped on a bus which she thought was going to a Malay-speaking Muslim province in southern Thai. Instead, she ended up 1,200 km away in Bangkok. She then boarded another bus wish she thought would take her back south only to end up another 700 km away in the northern Thai city of Chaing Mai. Speaking not a word of Thai, the woman lived as a beggar for five years before being arrested and sent to a homeless centre. 20 years later the truth of her origins were discovered when Malay-speaking social workers happened to discover the misplaced woman and sent her home to her eight children, who had been told that their mother had been run over by a tran. (Reuters)

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