Research by psychologists at Heriot Watt University has found that playing different types of music will affect how wine seems to taste. Four types of music from mellow to heavy were played while college students sipped their wines and then were asked to rate the flavors. The most dramatic change occurred when “powerful and heavy” music was played while the subjects were drinking cabernet sauvignon. In that case, reviewers were 60% more likely to rate the wine as powerful and heavy. White wine was rated 40% more zingy and refreshing when “zingy and refreshing” music was played and 26% more mellow and soft when “mellow and soft” music was played. This study follows another carried out by the same researchers which found that people are five times more likely to buy French wine than German wine if accordian music is playing in the background and twice as likely to buy the German wine if oompah band music is playing in the background. (BBC)

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