Superstitions of a cursed Olympic Games are all over internet chat rooms in China after the flooding in Sichuan province seems to have fulfilled the curse of the five Olympic mascots, each of which are said to have predicted a different disaster to befall China due to the 2008 Olympic Games. The prophecy now seems to be fulfilled as each of the five mascots is said to be linked to one of the five recent upheavals to befall China in recent months. First, the many protests which plagued the Olympic Torch Relay earlier this year were linked to Huanhuan the Olympic Flame (aka The Bearer of Incendiary Strife). Next, Jingjing the Giant Panda (aka The Lord of Angry Earth) brought the massive earthquake that killed 69,000 people and left over a million homeless. Yingying the Tibetan Antelope (aka The Creature of Righteous Unrest) caused the demonstrations and riots linked with Tibetan protesters. Nini the Swallow / Shayan Kite (aka The Bearer of Unfortunate Wind) is claimed to have caused the China Railway Train crash which killed 72 people. And finally, last but not least, the massive flooding of the past month is believed to have been caused by Beibei the Chinese Sturgeon (aka The Bringer of Torrent and Flood). Good thing they didn’t create a mascot holding a suitcase nuke. (Reuters)

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