So if aliens are real what have they been up to recently? Just ask Stephany Cohen, 42, a former police officer in the U.K. who claims that she has become a messenger for aliens who are able to give her intense orgasms at any moment. According to Cohen, the aliens are "Grays" from the planet Cirus D, which is approximately 150 light years away and they have come to Earth to bring advanced knowledge to the human race. Of course, instead of actually giving this knowledge to people who might by intelligent enough to use it, the Grays from Cirus D have chosen Cohen and her partner, a 57-year-old plumber. "I don’t know why they have picked me. But they are not to be feared. They are very loving, intelligent and will only present themselves to those who accept them," she claims, adding that the Grays can give her strong orgasms by sending her a sexual energy which is 10 times as powerful as that produced by humans on Earth. She also claims that she is only one of a long line of Gray children to be born on Earth, a lineage which includes William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ. (ThisIsLocalLondon.co.uk)

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