How to you get to the Olympic games? Dedication, hard work and lots of training. How do you win a medal? Be born in the right month. Or so says British statistician Kenneth Mitchell who crunched the numbers and discovered a strong correlation between gold medal winners and zodiac signs. Mitchell had dubbed the phenomenon “The Pisces Effect” after discovering that athletes born under that sign win 30 percent more medals than any other sign in water-based events like swimming and water polo (for the record, Michael Phelps was born under ths sign of Cancer). He also found that Scorpions are the best fencers and Taurus is the best sign for pole vaulters. Overall, athletes born under the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Aries win the most gold medals. “I am talking of odds against chance of hundreds of thousands to one”, Mitchell said. “And just for the record, I know a thing or two about statistics. I have a PhD from Glasgow University on statistical ecology and a further 33 years working on statistical data analysis.” (Reuters)

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