A team of economists from the U.S. and Britain have finished a study which claims that having a good sex life is worth about $50,000 a year to the average person while being married brings almost as much happiness as $100,000. Their research involved interviews with almost 100,000 subjects and tried to establish what value people place on their sex lives and marriages. “The financial values that we calculated are what it would cost to compensate someone for a happy marriage in money terms," said Dartmouth College economist David Blanchflower. Their results showed that most people would need about an extra $50,000 in yearly income to equal the contentment they receive from their sex lives. Sex psychologist Petruska Clarkson added, "I think that figure is an underestimate. [Sex] reduces stress, increases our immune system and reduces pain. Regular sex improves not only your physical health but your mental health." (Sunday Times)

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