A professor at Michigan State University claims that new advances in science could enable humans to live at least a few centuries and perhaps up to 5000 years. Michael Fossel, clinical professor of medicine and author of the book "Cells, Aging and Human Disease" says that the technology exists to turn back the entire aging process. At a longevity conference in Sydney, Australia, Fossel explained that experiments have already been able to reset the clock of skin cells. "What we essentially do is reset the cells to do what they used to do when you were young," he said. "We don t change them...we just reset them to do exactly what they did decades prior to what they re doing now." He added that these experiments have worked perfectly in the lab, and suggests that cells could just as easily be reset in a person s heart, enabling them to live indefinitely. " There s a guy at Cambridge who says it s 5000 years," said Fossel, when asked about the limit of human life, " I d say it probably would be a couple of centuries but the way I often described the limit is indefinite, because really I don t know." (AFP)

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