Or maybe you have many more millions of dollars than you know how to spend sensibly. So why not sign up for the world’s first $1 million dollar package holiday offered by the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhai. The week of extravagance begins in the luxurious 7,000 square foot Palace Suite of the hotel which includes your very own 24-hour private butler and a chauffeur-driven Maybach car. Of course you can also eat and drink whatever you want in one of 12 restaurants or go hang out at your own private beach. Excursions on the week-long fantasy trip include private jet flights to Iran where you will create your own Persian carpet, an exclusive spa treatment at the Dead Sea in Jordon, and deep sea pearl diving in Bahrain, followed by having your pearls set in hand-designed jewellery by a master craftsman. The rest of the week can be spent on a champagne sunset and desert island tour, a deep-sea fishing trip, or simply golfing at any of the region’s ultra-exclusive clubs. (The Telegraph)

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