A man who might be entering the Guinness Book of World Records as the most litigious person in the world has filed a lawsuit against Guinness in order to stop them from naming him as the person who has filed the most lawsuits in the history of the world. Jonathan Lee Riches, serving a prison term until 2012, has filed over 4,000 lawsuits worldwide against such notables as George W. Bush, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart, Somali pirates, Nostradamus, the Eiffel Tower, Three Mile Island, and the makers of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” His latest lawsuit claims that Guinness plans to publish false information about him and call him names such as “Johnny Sue-nami,” “The Duke of Lawsuits” and “Sue-per-man.” After Riches gets the psychological treatment he needs and is finally released from prison he plans to start a class called “Lawsuit 101” in order to teach ordinary people how to sue without a lawyer. “I will sell Jonathan Lee Riches T-shirts,” he claims, printed with the phrase ‘Watch what you do, or I’ll sue you.” (Spokesman.com)

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