Last week we learned about the supposed ancient art of phallomancy in which you read a man’s personality by analyzing the shape and size of his penis. It turns out that there is an equally bizarre method of divination for women. A Japanese author has written a book in which he claims that the fortunes and character traits of women can be read by studying the shape of their pubic hair. Kosai Jumon, 70, says he started studying the pubic hair of woman as a young man when he realized that the sexual prowess of his partners differed depending on their “pubic hairdo.” His system claims to be able to determine whether a woman will make a good wife or make her husband’s life miserable, and he explains that a perfect wife was pubic hair which has “a clearly defined endurance sub-zone and slight traits of a receptivity sub-zone.” Put simply, he says “hair like this would indicate a good wife during the day who turns into a whore at night.” (Mainichi Daily News)

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