If you think your relationship is a bit dysunctional just wait until you hear the tale of this completely messed up couple in Congquing, China. Exhibit A: Zhao Gang, 32, who lost his first wife in a car accident three years ago. After constant pressure from his family to remarry, Zhao finally found a woman who looked enough like his old wife to fit the bill. "I got married only because she looks a bit like her," said Zhao. If that isn’t psychologically unstable enough, Zhao has now convinced his new wife to have plastic surgery in order to try to make her identical to his first wife. Which brings us to Exhibit B: Cai, a woman of such shockingly low self-esteem that she has agreed to the procedure. "I feel conflicted. I don't want to become another's shadow, but I also don't want to lose the family,” said Cai. “Now I only hope the surgery will not make me look ugly.” Fortunately their fate is in the hands of a plastic surgeon who has insisted that the couple undergo psychiatric consultation before the procedure is performed. “Plastic surgery is not the best way to sustain a relationship," explained the good doctor. (Ananova)

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