While the rest of the world might consider the phrase “beautiful German words” as a near-perfect oxymoron, the language nerds from the Goethe Institute, the German Language Council and the German Language Society have released the results of a competition which asked German speakers to vote for the greatest word in their language. After receiving 22,838 entries, the judges ruled that the word Habseligkeiten (possessions) was the most beautiful, followed by Geborgenhiet (security) and lieben (love). The judges said that Habseligkeiten was unique in it’s attempt to unite two opposites - the twin human desires of obtaining possessions and of obtaining utter bliss, happiness or salvation. Other winning words include Rhabarbermarmelade (rhubarb jam) which was voted Germany’s coolest word, and Libelle (dragonfly) which was voted the loveliest word for children. (Expatica.com)

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