I’m not sure how the drug companies are going to take this one away from us, but it seems that sex is the ultimate cure-all for whatever might ail you. In an article titled “25 Ailments That Can Be Cured By Having Sex,” the author briefly touches on scientific research which links sex to some of the most common medical conditions of our time. For example, sex cures depression thank to a chemical in semen that makes women happier; sex cures headaches by releasing tension in the blood vessels of the brain; sex can releive the pain and inflammation of arthritis (according to what must be a terrific book, “How to Treat Arthitis with Sex and Alcohol”); sex stimulates the immune system and helps fight off the common cold; sex boosts testosterone which helps build bones and muscles; sex helps relax people enough to cure insomnia; sex releases endorphins and oxytocins which will cure a hangover; men who have sex more than twice a week have a lower risk of heart attack, and sex is a form of exercise which burns calories and strenghtens the heart. Enjoy! (Examinier.com)

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