And while you probably don’t want to injest any urine from any source whatsoever, rest assured that your diet includes a substantial dose of mold, hair, maggots and bug feces. The Food and Drug Administration actually has specific limits for the amount of “natural contaminants” in your food as laid out in their scintillating booklet “The Food Defect Action Levels: Levels of Natural or Unavoidable Defects in Foods That Present No Health Hazards for Humans.” This helpful manual sets acceptable levels of filth in the food supply which allows an average of 30 fly eggs in a can of tomato paste, 20 maggots in a can of mushrooms, 100 bug bits per 25 grams of curry powder, 20 rodent hairs in a shaker of cinnamon and 145 bug parts in a jar of peanut buteter. The FDA also suggests that humans eat between one and two pounds of flies, maggots and mites each year in their food. (New York Times)

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